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Skin Lightening Herbal Black Soap


Em’s deep moisturizing skin lightening herbal black soap is enriched with lots of exotic herbs, fruit extracts and oils such as licorice extract, lavender buds, sandalwood, turmeric, cucumber, green tea, chamomile, rose petals, coconut oil, argan oil, Shea butter and lots more.

This soap helps cure skin conditions and problems like sun damage, eliminating blemishes, evening out dark spots, Skin rashes, removing body odour, eczema, thinning fine lines and soothing razor bumps.

This herbal black soap is also used for light exfoliation of the skin. There are a lot of vitamin A and E in this soap because of the plantain skins contained in it. It also has a lot of iron, and it gives an excellent UV protection because of the high level of shea butter.

When used consitently, this soap promises to give a healthier, lighter, silky smooth skin.

It’s suitable for all skin types. It comes in 250 and 500 ml.



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