Em's Glamary

Em's Glamary is a Corrective Skincare brand that takes pride correcting skin blemishes like rashes, ezema, dark spots, acne, dark knuckles, stretch marks, sunburn and hyperpigmentations in general.

Through a lot of research and hardwork we bring you tested and trusted skincare products carefully made with the finest natural fruit extracts, herbs and spices that work wonders in replenishing lost skin tone and texture to reveal a more flawless, uniform, glowing skin tone.

We have products for all skin types and tones and for everyone... kids, youths and adults, 

Our mission is to provide high performance quality and effective skincare innovations that will bring maximum satisfaction to women and men across the nation with respect for their diversity.

My sister introduced me to your Corrective Fluid and Ayurveda soap after I have birth because of the skin discolorations I had. I must confess, within 6weeks people could notice the difference. 

My skin became well blended and bright. Now I'm thorn between going for the body butter or body milk. 


It's the facial treatment for me. Great quality! It took care of my acne and dark spots without bleaching my skin.


Product quality is top-notch. Shipping is fast. Customer service is AMAZING. I'm using the Arabian White series and I have no regrets.

Lovely products. Great price and fast delivery. No hassle shopping. I will definitely be coming back


Corrective Skincare Expert

Few years back, i was just a young farmer looking for a good skincare product for my delicate skin because i was always under excessive sun exposure. 

I wasn't lucky! 

I bought skincare products that damaged my skin, gave me patches and dark knuckles.

It was the worst period of my life. I spent even more money trying to find a solution to no avail. It either doesn't work or it's too harsh. 

I became depressed and stressed because I couldn't go out like I used to anymore, my social life started to deteriorate because I felt compelled to dress up to cover up blemishes instead of dressing up for fun.

One day, I got really fed up and decided to start experimenting on myself till I get it right and I eventually got it right. 

I cracked the code to very effective yet mild skin correction formulas and restored my skin. 

It worked so well and has been working so well ever since then.

And that is why at Em's Glamary, we pride ourselves in using the best natural ingredients money can buy with no harsh additives or synthetic preservatives to formulate high-quality effective yet mild skincare products for diverse women and men in the society.

We have gained loyal clients over the years and received many amazing reviews from loyal customers.

Now you know my story, how about you let me help you rewrite yours.